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Who we are

The story of who we are, what we do, and the people who make it happen. We love what we do and helping you!

Accessing funds for business development and start-up has long been a significant barrier to the development of First Nations economies. Two Rivers Community Development Centre was developed to address this issue, and provide the support needed to ensure a successful economy and strong community.

Two Rivers was founded in 1996, with the amalgamation of the Six Nations Community Development Corporation and Touch The Sky Business Development Centre. Along with improving operating efficiency and capacity, a stronger organization emerged with the necessary resources to encourage and stimulate entrepreneurship in our local economies. The name “Two Rivers” was selected to symbolize the historic importance of both the Grand and New Credit Rivers to our First Nation communities.  

Two Rivers is commonly viewed as a “custodian” of community funds. It is the responsibility of Two Rivers to administer and manage funds and programs effectively and ensure a long-term sustainable source of financing and support to Aboriginal entrepreneurs in Southern Ontario. Governed by a Board of Directors, with extensive experience and knowledge of the local economies, Two Rivers maintains accountability and autonomy from political hierarchy at all times.

Two Rivers is viewed as the “lender of choice” by many of our clients, and both public and private organizations within our communities. We take pride in the success of our clients, and strive to give back to our communities through special projects like the Spotlight on Business event, and Student Business Camps.

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Here are some of our achievements

Years of serving our community and beyond.
In loans, equity and guarantee deals.

Our Team

David Vince


Jordan Smith

Senior Loans Manager

Rachel Martin

Business Support Officer

Ginger Smith

Loans Administration

Our Board of Directors

The leadership team that keeps us moving.
Karen A. Bomberry
Karen has over twenty years experience in administrative and clerical functions. Since May 2003 she has worked in the economic development field, firstly under a contract with the Mississauga of the New Credit and most recently with Six Nations of the Grand River.
Warren B. Sault
Warren has an extensive background in management and community economic development. Prior to assuming his management position at First Nations Engineering he was an economic development policy analyst with the Chiefs of Ontario...
Brittney Sault
Brittney, a member of Mississauga of Credit First Nations has been working in Indigenous communities for the past decade to support sustainable community development and the connective strength of positive community action. Holding a B.A. in Political Science from Western University, Brittney has extensive experience in research and consultation  communities and strategic relations management with Indigenous corporate and government stakeholders.
Maurice A. Biron
Maurice, a member of Garden River First Nation, has extensive experience in finance, economic development, and developmental lending. He has spent 7 years with Mississauga of the New Credit First Nation involved in business and economic development followed by 9 years with the International Finance Corporation
Deanna Dunham
Deanna is a strategic communications consultant who works exclusively on projects that seek to communicate with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. She is also the author of the Aboriginal Marketing Blog. Deanna works closely with not-for-profit organizations across Canada – developing communications strategies, implementation plans, brand guidelines, and other supporting documents.