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General Loans

financing options

TRCDC provides financing up to $1,150,000. Loans may be used to purchase equipment, provide working capital, finance inventory, acquire an existing business, or assist with expansion costs.

How we evaluate loan applications:

Financing decisions are made at the community level by our local Board of Directors, comprised of entrepreneurs and experts in their field. The following criteria may be taken into consideration when reviewing loan applications:

  • Equity requirement for all of the above loans is a minimum of 10%
  • Reasonable expectation of economic viability
  • Creation or maintenance of jobs
  • Client character including credit history
  • Qualifications of the owners and/or managers
  • Adequate security (which could include both business and personal assets)
  • Sustainable business plan and cash flow

We offer:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment terms

The process

Not sure what it takes to get started? No problem read on to learn how we work with you!
01. Give Us A Call

Connect with our Business Support Team to discuss all your business financing

02. Make a Plan

Once deemed eligible you will be invited to submit an Business Plan.  Our Business Support Officer will review the application to ensure eligibility and the viability of the request.

03. Move Forward

Put your best foot forward by discussing the plan with your Business Support. Officer to be sure all details have been included and that all your questions have been addressed and all information is complete.

04. Getting the Go Ahead

Once submitted your plan will be reviewed and you will be advised in writing of approval or decline as well as reasons for decline or conditions that may be included in your Letter of Offer.

05. Cash the Cheque

You will be required to sign agreements, including loan repayment terms and advise us on your progress. Working hand-in-hand with the ongoing support of Two Rivers Support Team you are on your way to achieving your business goals!


Loans are available to assist with: starting a new business, expanding an existing business, acquisition of an existing business, purchasing equipment, and working capital for inventory and day to day expenses.

1. The following financing criteria must be met
  • Business must be located in our service area (see  “Eligibility”)
  • Equity of not less than 10% to 15%
  • Demonstrated ability to repay
  • Evidence of future economic viabilityManagement skills
2. Change Styles
Inform is created on a modular framework of components that are easy to adapt to your brand.