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Eligibility FAQ

Not sure whether you are eligible? We do our best to provide the answers you are looking for below!
How long does it take for financing approval?
Each case is unique and development time is dependent on the complexity of the proposed business venture.
When should I contact Two Rivers?
We would like you to contact us as soon as possible after you've made the decision to proceed with your business idea. Our knowledgeable and experienced business development staff are available to assist you in completing our financing applications.
What distinguishes the TWO RIVERS from other financial institutions such as banks and credits unions?
TWO RIVERS does not seek a profit but only seeks to maintain its loan capital base. Its goal is not profit, but to positively impact the Aboriginal economy by supporting Aboriginal owned and controlled businesses.
Are personal guarantees taken by TWO RIVERS?
Yes, TWO RIVERS does require personal guarantees. Funding to partnerships and proprietorships are supported by an accepted letter of offer signed by all the owners of the business so they are personally obligated.In the case of a limited company, TWO RIVERS makes the contribution to the shareholders and the company jointly so the owners are personally obligated.
What equity is required?
A minimum of 10% equity is required; equity in the form of contributed assets (directly related to the business) may occasionally be considered. TWO RIVERS does not recognize personal assets such as a personal vehicle or residential real estate as equity. In the case of an existing business, TWO RIVERS can recognize the equity you have built up in your business.
Does the percentage of Aboriginal ownership determine the amount you can obtain from Two Rivers?
Two Rivers only supports Aboriginal owned and controlled businesses, those where 50.1% of the beneficial ownership of an enterprise is held by Aboriginal entrepreneurs. Where ownership and or control of a business is not solely held by Aboriginal entrepreneurs each project will be considered on a case by case basis to ensure that the Aboriginal owner will stand to gain from the funding provided by TWO RIVERS.
How many times, and when, can we go back to Two Rivers?
You can reapply to Two Rivers as many times as you want.
How much financing can Two Rivers provide?
Two Rivers can provide up to $500,000 directly and an additional $650,000 from Aboriginal Impact Capital that is controlled by Two Rivers and two other Aboriginal institutions.